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Hello! My name is Tina and I live with my husband and two young boys just outside of Denver, CO. 

In 2018, as a new mom, I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew, with my education background, that I thrive on a schedule and knew I needed a “plan” in order to survive with a newborn. That’s when I began reading and researching sleep and schedule potentials for my newborn.

That’s when I learned about wake windows and how an under-tired or over-tired baby will not sleep well. By experimenting with schedules and plans, I was able to get both of my children sleeping well and through the night.

My connection with my babies is strong and the time spent with my husband in the evenings, while the babies are sleeping, helps to make our marriage strong too.

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Sleep is so important and makes for a happier, healthy family unit. 

No baby is perfect. No parent is perfect. And no process is perfect. But with a plan in place, both baby and parent(s) can move towards better, longer stretches of nighttime sleep.

I have a BA in elementary education and an MA in speech and language pathology, with a speciality area in working with the deaf/hard of hearing population.

I have helped many local moms and mom friends with their babies’ sleep and I truly believe that all of my background in working with children has led me to this point - to helping families and their babies achieve better sleep and therefore, happier and healthier day to day lives.

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“When Charlie was four months old, Tina worked with me to create a routine for his day and nighttime sleep. She was always available to answer questions and help troubleshoot if needed. Tina is always positive, reassuring, and calm, even when I felt like I was going crazy trying to figure out my baby's sleep! Thanks to Tina's guidance, our almost two-year-old is a great sleeper!” - Sophie, Mom to Charlie (2 years)

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