Are you losing sleep because your baby isn’t sleeping?

Customized sleep plans and support that guarantee better sleep, preserve your sanity, and maintain a happy, rested household.

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In your house...

Is your baby waking up all night?
Does your baby need rocking or feeding to fall asleep?
Does your baby take 30-45 minute naps?
Does your toddler’s bedtime routine drag on and on?

If this sounds like you - I can help!

Prenatal & Newborn

Are you pregnant or have a little wee one at home? Have questions about how best to set up their safe sleep space and how to set the stage for sleep from the beginning? My prenatal and newborn support packages can do just that!


Sleep Packages

For your little ones ranging in age from 10 weeks to 5 years, there is a sleep package here for you. These cover it all - independent sleep initiation, overnight wake ups, weaning feeds, tackling toddler bedtimes, etc. Whatever your current sleep struggle is, my one-on-one support via one of these plans will help get you back on track and sleeping well once again.

30-Minute "Ask Me Anything" Call

Don't need a full plan? Just want to troubleshoot a bit with me? Book your 30 minute "Ask Me Anything" call here to tackle those troublesome sleep issues once and for all.

Need help with your baby's naps?


Get the Nap Schedule Guide to find out what schedule works best for your baby:

“When Charlie was four months old, Tina worked with me to create a routine for his day and nighttime sleep. She was always available to answer questions and help troubleshoot if needed. Tina is always positive, reassuring, and calm, even when I felt like I was going crazy trying to figure out my baby's sleep! Thanks to Tina's guidance, our almost two-year-old is a great sleeper!” - Sophie, Mom to Charlie (2 years)

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I'm Tina

I’m a pediatric sleep consultant, speech pathologist, and a mom of 2 little boys.

I know how important sleep is to a family - and it’s amazing how little I knew about raising confident little sleepers when I was pregnant with my first! Little changes early on can really make such a difference. Your entire household can be on the way to a better nights sleep…tonight!

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