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Absolutely not! Cry It Out is not usually recommended right away. I have multiple other sleep training methods besides Cry It Out. I cannot guarantee though that there won’t be crying. Crying or protesting is typical for anyone as we change their routine and what they’re used to. You, as parents, will be able to choose the sleep training method you are most comfortable with and I will provide personalized support throughout the sleep training process.

While everything can be flexible, I do recommend staying home as much as possible for nights and naps when first starting the sleep training process. We want to set your child up for success in letting them practice consistently in their home setting. Once your baby’s sleep and sleep schedule is well-established, then you can start spending more time out of the house, getting dinners out, traveling, etc.

This is hard to answer because so much is dependent on the child and the follow through of the plan. The sleep training method itself will determine the length of time too - as gentler methods can take longer to result in change. Regardless of method, we can usually see great progress within the first week if the plan is followed with consistency and fidelity.

The biggest difference is personalization and 1:1 support. When you buy something online, it isn’t specific to your child. Your child may have specific needs that will make his/her sleep needs unique. From start to finish, my process is personalized. Everything I am doing is with your baby or child in mind. You will receive a personalized sleep plan tailored to your child only - and you will receive daily, consistent support for the duration of your plan.

My process starts with a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about your child and your specific sleep concerns while also giving me the opportunity to discuss my plan options and process. After this, you will purchase whichever plan best supports your needs and we will start the process with intake forms, sleep logs, the personalized sleep plan and the 1:1 support to be implemented whenever you are ready to begin implementing the plan.

Depending on the your child and the sleep issues we are working through - we may not meet your goals within the given amount of time. I do have a support package that you can purchase for an additional 7 days of support - but without that, hopefully, you will have learned so much during the duration of the plan that you are able to continue to implement the plan independently after our time together has ended.

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