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She was always there and always so supportive! She helped us find a solution that would help our daughter (and me) get the necessary sleep and a solution that I was comfortable with as well! I can’t speak highly enough about working with Tina. Her communication style was great and made me feel like we were good friends which helped during what was sometimes an emotional and frustrating process. That, coupled with her extensive knowledge of baby and toddler sleep needs makes her a gem to parents of babies and toddlers. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Working with Tina helped me to better understand the sleep process and needs for babies, and specifically my daughter. 

— Colby, Amelia’s Mom (12 Months)

This is the best investment that you can make to set your child up for sleep success. This program WORKS! I love the personalization and customization of the plan. Tina was an absolute pleasure to work with and she really focuses on finding the best solution for everyone involved. We absolutely plan on returning for future children.

Absolutely 100% recommend Sleep Talkers.

— Maureen, Woods’ & Nora’s Mom (3 Years & 7 Months)

She gave us tons of troubleshooting tools that got our daughter sleeping through the night at a young age. She was always super responsive and answered my questions promptly. I would highly recommend Tina for any of your child’s sleep needs, she simply brought peace and sleep back to our family and we will be forever grateful.

Tina helped set up a schedule that worked for our family.

— Colleen, Pearl’s Mom (10 months)

She was incredibly responsive and we now feel empowered with knowledge of what to do in the future when sleep issues arise.

Tina was immensely helpful in getting us some much needed sleep!

Devan, Mom to Austin (5.5 months)

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